Best Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

What you consume when you are drinking can affect your hangover. I have seen drinking healthy alcoholic drinks lessens my hangover Some would say this is a myth, but science has shown that some drinks make you more susceptible to a hangover. Let’s look into what the sugar factor is that can cause this.

Beverages containing both alcohol and sugar are the leading cause of a bad hangover. Sugary beverages like sodas, sweet & sour mix, energy drinks, and sweetened liquors are the kind of drinks that amplify hangovers. The organ in the body responsible for metabolizing sugars is the liver, which is also the same organ that processes alcohol. This major workload can cause much stress on the liver, not to mention alcohol alone can negatively impact blood sugar levels.healthy alcoholic drinks

Bottom line, avoid sugary drinks when out if you want to avoid your hangover. Choose healthy alcoholic drinks such as premium vodka (Titos) and club soda with lemon and lime. The morning will thank you.