Milk thistle did help my hangover

So everyone is looking for the miracle pill for hangovers and healthier living. Well let’s talk about milk thistle and milk thistle hangover. This maybe something you need to consider adding into your life.

Milk Thistle is an herbal supplement that detoxifies & protects vital liver functions and more. Milk thistle also contains properties shown to offer the body antioxidant benefits. Milk thistle has been used for over 2,000 years as a liver tonic. If you want to get technical the scientific name is Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner (syn. Cardous marianus) Milk thistle’s milk thistle alcoholname is derived from the milky white fluid that comes from the plant’s leaves when they are crushed. Naturally you will find the plant in southern Europe, southern Russia, Asia Minor, and North Africa, but has been adopted to grow in North and South America.

In Europe milk thistle is prescribed to people with liver issues. Maybe you need to check out Milk thistle more.

I went drinking last night, not I know this…

So I drank last night and had a great time, but… I may need to delete my facebook, need to take a hangover pill and make some lifestyle changes.

Gone are the days where you read the back of a Tylenol or Advil bottle before administering your medication. Don’t take more than one pill every six hours? Don’t drink with alcohol in your system? Psh. Like the guys at Advil are in any position to judge.

Or at least wait until you’re in a better state of mind before looking at the hangover pill mapdamage done by your nosy friend with too many cameras and too little sense of boundaries. It’s not the alcohol’s fault; it’s Facebook’s fault. Facebook just has it out for drinkers and you know it. Besides, do you really care what your coworker had for breakfast this morning?


You’re going to cut back on drinking this week. And you mean it this time. Why do we do this to ourselves every Friday? It’s pointless, isn’t it? Why not go for a jog instead? Well, probably because jogging doesn’t administer whiskey into your system.

How to Upsell drinks

Visualise a guy in a bar, he orders a drink “I will have a vodka and tonic.” grey goose bottles on iceThe skilled server immediately ask would you like Tito’s or Grey Goose? The guy goes with Tito’s and he drink comes out and it taste good.

Simple right? What if the server just said Ok. Then the drink would have been made with a default well vodka and would not have tasted as good. Also the cheaper drink would have more impurities and would possibly help cause more of a hangover for the patron.

Also, it help the server & bar. A well drink is less expensive then call drinks, also not as profitable. So the drink cost $1 to $3 more for the call brand, upping sales. Making both parties happy, he enjoyed a better drink, the restauant or bar and the server generated more sales. The big trick was offering 2 quality options. Do not say well or Grey Goose.

Pepe Le Pew & Your Beer

Sometimes you open a fresh, new beer and you only find out it is not fresh nor new. Actually, it can still be new and taste like a skunk. Well the name skunked beer is very applicable. Beer gets its bitter taste from the addition of hops when brewing. Interestingly, hops look very similar to the cannabis plant and are faintly related. Originally, hops was a preservative canned skunked beerfor beer on top of flavor.

Back to the skunked beer. If beer gets exposed to excessive sunlight, the sun’s power breaks down some of the acids from hops. This sets off a reaction that creates a compound very similar to the ones used by skunks.  To prevent this from happening, keep your beer in the shade. Canned beer is best protected from the suns light and is also the most recyclable option. While some people frown on canned beer it truly is the best option for beer drinkers. Brown bottles are the best bottle, but these will still let some sunlight in.

Wine vs Champagne 101

The Patriots just won a Super bowl and went through cases and case of Champagne. Big celebrations with the bubbly often end with a champagne hangover. Lets go over the basics of wine, sparkling wine & champagne.champagne bubbles

Wine is produced from crushing fruit, usually grapes, to yield juice and then fermenting it with yeast. Sparkling Wine is a carbonated wine. The most popular class is Champagne with the Champagne region of France. Not all sparkling wine is champagne, though. The carbonation is the result of natural fermentation and is served chilled. “Brut” refers to dry champagne.

In the US Wine is normally named by the types of grapes used in the making the wine. Europe traditionally names the wines by the region it originated from.

Often on menus and list wine is listed from light and sweet to dry and full bodied.

Popular White Wines listed generally light and sweet to dry and full bodied

Acetaldehyde in Beer Smells Like Green Apples

Acetaldehyde is a naturally occurring chemical that is present in some amount in all beer. Unfortunately for us beer drinkers acetaldehyde is acetaldehyde beertoxic for the body. Ideally, the acetaldehyde beer is to be as low as possible. It will affect the beer in an undesirable way with a green apple odor and sense of taste.

Recall we said acetaldehyde was toxic to your body. While it naturally occurs acetaldehyde beer you buy. Acetaldehyde is also formed in the body when your body breaks down alcohol. An enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde. Why do we care? Acetaldehyde is 30 times more toxic than alcohol.

So your body again tries to break it down with another enzyme and glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that is crucial for liver detoxification. Cysteine helps the body with this process.  Eggs contains Cysteine. Also B1 (thiamin) & C Vitamins (fruits & vegetables) help your body process toxic acetaldehyde.

Crazy how the beer industry has changed

This is a blast from the past review of a magazine article from the early 2000s discussing German beer companies marketing to America. How things have changed due to the explosion of craft beer in the US.

In America when people think of a German imported beer they often think of Heineken. This is a wrong impression (from Holland) that Brauerei Beck & Company wants to change. So they are launching a $20 million humorous ad campaign in the United States to emphasize Beck’s as being the original beer from Germany. Such as a “Germans don’t do romance, they do beer” slogan in one commercial.

The $20 million budget is double any other previous ad campaign. Behind the idea that they need to market where the business is at. Another thing they have improved on in the last few years is their wholesaler to retailer relationship. Previously they worried extensively about the brewer to wholesaler relationship. They had hired 40 recently college graduates to relate with the target market and build relationships with bar owners. These representatives give them feedback. With this project the North America Beck’s plans to double business in six years and obtain a greater market share.

What is Rum made from?

When you ask the question, what is rum, it calls for a bigger question what is liquor. Liquor goes by many names hooch, booze, spirits, hard liquor, liqueur, and more.

Liquor is drinkable alcohol produced by distillation. It has a highwhat is rumer alcohol content than fermentation can naturally produce. Liquor can come from a variety of starches and can have flavoring added. Traditionally liquor refers to the common neutral spirits vodka, gin, rum, tequila, brandy and whiskey. A liqueur or cordial refers to neutral liquor that has added flavoring.

Rum is liquor derived from fermented sugarcane products often molasses. Rum has two main classes. Light bodied or white which is briefly aged and drier in flavor. Full bodied or dark Rum has added caramel and is aged in barrels yielding a rich brown color has a richer and fuller body in flavor.

So now you know what is rum, use this knowledge at your next party and sound smarter.

Hangover Pill for St Paddys Day

St Paddy’s day is around the corner and that means hangover pillheavy drinking for the most of you. In the recent years, there has been a huge game changer for the huge drinking holidays. The mainstream use of a hangover pill when drinking. If you want to have fun, drink, take a hangover pill and wake up feeling great what does the pill need?

The best hangover pill needs to include

B Vitamin Complex – Balance out the B vitamin deficiencies related to heavy alcohol consumption.

C Vitamin Boost – Fortify your immune system and assist your body in harmful toxins.

N-Acetyl cysteine – Targets the toxic byproducts created in your body and helps the body eliminate them.

Antioxidant Blend – Eliminates dangerous free radicals released in your body by alcohol consumption.

Liver Support Herbal Blend – Supports your liver with an herbal blend used for centuries as liver health supplements.

Enjoy your drinking holidays, take a hangover pill or 2. Don’t forget to mix some water in, this will help with dehydration and absorption of the pills.

Don’t Be This Guy in a Bar

Popped into my local watering hole the other day and there was a really annoying drunk guy hitting on the female bartender. It was bad. He was just throwing out ridiculous lines and boasting to her how great he was at everything.

But, what really impressed me was how she handled the situation. She didn’t get upset or ignore the guy. She kept him going long enough to entertain her regulars at the bar. Then once the whole thing got old she ended it quickly.

She summed it up pretty quick for the guy. I have a boyfriend, he is a pretty good man. He doesn’t get drunk and hit on random bartenders. Because bartenders get hit on all the time and they never take it seriously. You know how you have that guy on the office that you work with that you never hang out with? Nice guy but you have no intentions on getting together with him? He will say we should grab a beer one of these days and you nod and always have an excuse. That is bartender’s watercooler talk.