Electrolyte Pills and Your Recovery

How to recover faster with electrolyte pills. Many times while playing tennis I would slow down and I couldn’tĀ figure out why. Then I realized I was getting dehydrated. While I was drinking some water I was not balancing my electrolyte levels.

electrolyte pills

Wait? What? Do I need to do more than just drink water? Yep, that is right. Water is part of the hydration puzzle in your body. See when you lose fluids from your body, sweating. You also lose trace minerals that are dissolved in fluids in your body. Those traceĀ minerals are electrolytes and help the body conduct electrical signals through out the body. And are vital in many functions of the body. So you need to balance potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium levels with specially formulated pills.

Anyone that exercises often long and hard should consider adding a complete mineral electrolyte supplement to their daily routine to speed recovery and improve performance.