Vitamins for your Cinco de Mayo Hangover

Upcoming on Cinco de Mayo, many Americans drink way more tequila than they normally. It is the day we rip shots of tequila and drown in tequila hangovermargaritas. Any celebration as an excuse to start drinking early. If you are drinking early, you need to consider taking some hangover vitamins. These hangover vitamins will help you avoid your tequila hangover.

Imagine waking up in with a sombrero, maybe a fake mustache smeared on you and realize. Hey, I don’t have a terrible hangover. No upset stomach, no headache, no body aches. You know you drank last night because you are a bit off. But you are doing way, way better than you should be.

What do you do? You celebrate, this is the life hack you have been looking for, avoiding hangovers. Hey maybe today you will go to the gym and get some cleaning done around the house. We know you need to.