What Supplement is Best for Hangover

You used to play along with the problem drinker’s motto that said “Beer before liquor; never been sicker.” Odd, considering all you drank last night was liquor. The guys who made that saying up in the first place were probably drunk to begin with. This is all their fault, really. At any rate, you drank alcohol last night and the delivery system of said alcohol matters not. Your head hurts, your brain hurts and your life hurts. You, my dear friend, are experiencing evolution’s way of telling you that having fun is a privilege, not a right. We have all been there, wake up and wanting the best Hangover supplement.

You’re hungover. There’s no doubt about that. Here are some of the main attractions you can expect to see here as you enjoy your stay. ¬†Close the blinds, turn off your phone and don’t answer the door, because you’re rocking the same look you did in grade eight – the indoor sunglasses. I won’t tell if you won’t.
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