I went drinking last night, not I know this…

So I drank last night and had a great time, but… I may need to delete my facebook, need to take a hangover pill and make some lifestyle changes.

Gone are the days where you read the back of a Tylenol or Advil bottle before administering your medication. Don’t take more than one pill every six hours? Don’t drink with alcohol in your system? Psh. Like the guys at Advil are in any position to judge.

Or at least wait until you’re in a better state of mind before looking at the hangover pill mapdamage done by your nosy friend with too many cameras and too little sense of boundaries. It’s not the alcohol’s fault; it’s Facebook’s fault. Facebook just has it out for drinkers and you know it. Besides, do you really care what your coworker had for breakfast this morning?


You’re going to cut back on drinking this week. And you mean it this time. Why do we do this to ourselves every Friday? It’s pointless, isn’t it? Why not go for a jog instead? Well, probably because jogging doesn’t administer whiskey into your system.