How to Upsell drinks

Visualise a guy in a bar, he orders a drink “I will have a vodka and tonic.” grey goose bottles on iceThe skilled server immediately ask would you like Tito’s or Grey Goose? The guy goes with Tito’s and he drink comes out and it taste good.

Simple right? What if the server just said Ok. Then the drink would have been made with a default well vodka and would not have tasted as good. Also the cheaper drink would have more impurities and would possibly help cause more of a hangover for the patron.

Also, it help the server & bar. A well drink is less expensive then call drinks, also not as profitable. So the drink cost $1 to $3 more for the call brand, upping sales. Making both parties happy, he enjoyed a better drink, the restauant or bar and the server generated more sales. The big trick was offering 2 quality options. Do not say well or Grey Goose.