Pepe Le Pew & Your Beer

Sometimes you open a fresh, new beer and you only find out it is not fresh nor new. Actually, it can still be new and taste like a skunk. Well the name skunked beer is very applicable. Beer gets its bitter taste from the addition of hops when brewing. Interestingly, hops look very similar to the cannabis plant and are faintly related. Originally, hops was a preservative canned skunked beerfor beer on top of flavor.

Back to the skunked beer. If beer gets exposed to excessive sunlight, the sun’s power breaks down some of the acids from hops. This sets off a reaction that creates a compound very similar to the ones used by skunks.  To prevent this from happening, keep your beer in the shade. Canned beer is best protected from the suns light and is also the most recyclable option. While some people frown on canned beer it truly is the best option for beer drinkers. Brown bottles are the best bottle, but these will still let some sunlight in.