Wine vs Champagne 101

The Patriots just won a Super bowl and went through cases and case of Champagne. Big celebrations with the bubbly often end with a champagne hangover. Lets go over the basics of wine, sparkling wine & champagne.champagne bubbles

Wine is produced from crushing fruit, usually grapes, to yield juice and then fermenting it with yeast. Sparkling Wine is a carbonated wine. The most popular class is Champagne with the Champagne region of France. Not all sparkling wine is champagne, though. The carbonation is the result of natural fermentation and is served chilled. “Brut” refers to dry champagne.

In the US Wine is normally named by the types of grapes used in the making the wine. Europe traditionally names the wines by the region it originated from.

Often on menus and list wine is listed from light and sweet to dry and full bodied.

Popular White Wines listed generally light and sweet to dry and full bodied