Crazy how the beer industry has changed

This is a blast from the past review of a magazine article from the early 2000s discussing German beer companies marketing to America. How things have changed due to the explosion of craft beer in the US.

In America when people think of a German imported beer they often think of Heineken. This is a wrong impression (from Holland) that Brauerei Beck & Company wants to change. So they are launching a $20 million humorous ad campaign in the United States to emphasize Beck’s as being the original beer from Germany. Such as a “Germans don’t do romance, they do beer” slogan in one commercial.

The $20 million budget is double any other previous ad campaign. Behind the idea that they need to market where the business is at. Another thing they have improved on in the last few years is their wholesaler to retailer relationship. Previously they worried extensively about the brewer to wholesaler relationship. They had hired 40 recently college graduates to relate with the target market and build relationships with bar owners. These representatives give them feedback. With this project the North America Beck’s plans to double business in six years and obtain a greater market share.