Don’t Be This Guy in a Bar

Popped into my local watering hole the other day and there was a really annoying drunk guy hitting on the female bartender. It was bad. He was just throwing out ridiculous lines and boasting to her how great he was at everything.

But, what really impressed me was how she handled the situation. She didn’t get upset or ignore the guy. She kept him going long enough to entertain her regulars at the bar. Then once the whole thing got old she ended it quickly.

She summed it up pretty quick for the guy. I have a boyfriend, he is a pretty good man. He doesn’t get drunk and hit on random bartenders. Because bartenders get hit on all the time and they never take it seriously. You know how you have that guy on the office that you work with that you never hang out with? Nice guy but you have no intentions on getting together with him? He will say we should grab a beer one of these days and you nod and always have an excuse. That is bartender’s watercooler talk.