What the hell is kombucha beer?

So you have had beer of course. Maybe you have heard of kombucha, if not it is a fermented tea like beverage with many healthy benefits. Primarily is healthy gut bacteria to help balance out the body. Now crazy brewers are making kombucha beer. Yep, true story. Taking a old asian health elixir and infusing it with craft beer. So hipster.

kombucha beer

But honestly, it is a pretty good idea. Most of us could use more healthy gut bacteria and use a beer application device will make it very user-friendly. Now if they could come up with a fat burning, muscle building beer.

What is next for the craft beer world? Maybe we could go back to caffeinated products to help people get more done while drinking? How about inflammation reducing beer? That would be amazing. Instead of increased inflammation in the body by consuming 3 to 6 beers, your inflammation would decrease. Or alkaline beer to get your body’s ph level up?