Taxes and Stuff part 1

You look at your paystub. 40 hours at $15 an hour. You should have $600 coming your way. You don’t. It is not even close, you see a bunch of abbreviations with minus signs next to them. FICA, Soc, blah, blah, so drinking my taxes awaywhere does all that go? Does it help you? Well there is some logic behind it all, even if we don’t want to agree with it. Plus you should get used to it, it is only going to continue to get worse and rise.

Our federal, state, and local governments require money to maintain them, to pay salaries, to pay for programs that we demand, and to pay for various other things.  The government raises the money it needs to pay for these activities by taxing its citizen’s income, the food they buy, the gas they use to drive cars, the property they own, the commercial goods they import from other countries, and even the money you are left when a relative passes away.

My worst Skunked Beer story

crate of beer

We have all been there, long humid steamy day and you are ready for a beer. Crack open only to taste skunked beer. Shit. First thought is how does this happen. Do I drink it? How do I prevent this? Why today?

Skunked beer typically refers to any beer gone bad. More specifically “skunked beer” refers to beer that was over exposed to sunlight. An easy way to do a home test is to leave a beer in the sunlight for just a few hours and you will be able to taste the skunked flavor.

To prevent this most beer sold in brown bottles or cans. Cans truly are the best vessel for beer because aluminum recycles so well. Recycling places will actually give you money for empty beer cans. What an investment idea?

Yes, you can drink the beer, or you can give it to a bum or broke college kid. Cheers.

Vitamins for your Cinco de Mayo Hangover

Upcoming on Cinco de Mayo, many Americans drink way more tequila than they normally. It is the day we rip shots of tequila and drown in tequila hangovermargaritas. Any celebration as an excuse to start drinking early. If you are drinking early, you need to consider taking some hangover vitamins. These hangover vitamins will help you avoid your tequila hangover.

Imagine waking up in with a sombrero, maybe a fake mustache smeared on you and realize. Hey, I don’t have a terrible hangover. No upset stomach, no headache, no body aches. You know you drank last night because you are a bit off. But you are doing way, way better than you should be.

What do you do? You celebrate, this is the life hack you have been looking for, avoiding hangovers. Hey maybe today you will go to the gym and get some cleaning done around the house. We know you need to.