Why you should take ACV Pills

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a folk cure all for many, many years. But, there is one problem apple cider vinegar tastes pretty terrible. There all kinds of cocktails with honey, lemon, water, etc that have been used in various recipes. Who has the time for that? So how do you get the benefits without the hassle? Apple cider vinegar pills by putting all the positive in aapple cider vinegar pills pill form make it much easier to consume.
What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar? it is considered a natural detoxifier. This factor helps the body in any ways. An added bonus of detoxifying properties, ACV can help weight loss.  We add in kelp, seaweeds that grow in shallow water and are nutrient-rich waters. Kelp has been eaten and used medicinally for hundreds of years in various forms apple pectin and other healthy ingredients you have an easy way to kick up your health and wellness regime.

Taxes and Stuff part 1

You look at your paystub. 40 hours at $15 an hour. You should have $600 coming your way. You don’t. It is not even close, you see a bunch of abbreviations with minus signs next to them. FICA, Soc, blah, blah, so drinking my taxes awaywhere does all that go? Does it help you? Well there is some logic behind it all, even if we don’t want to agree with it. Plus you should get used to it, it is only going to continue to get worse and rise.

Our federal, state, and local governments require money to maintain them, to pay salaries, to pay for programs that we demand, and to pay for various other things.  The government raises the money it needs to pay for these activities by taxing its citizen’s income, the food they buy, the gas they use to drive cars, the property they own, the commercial goods they import from other countries, and even the money you are left when a relative passes away.

How to Upsell drinks

Visualise a guy in a bar, he orders a drink “I will have a vodka and tonic.” grey goose bottles on iceThe skilled server immediately ask would you like Tito’s or Grey Goose? The guy goes with Tito’s and he drink comes out and it taste good.

Simple right? What if the server just said Ok. Then the drink would have been made with a default well vodka and would not have tasted as good. Also the cheaper drink would have more impurities and would possibly help cause more of a hangover for the patron.

Also, it help the server & bar. A well drink is less expensive then call drinks, also not as profitable. So the drink cost $1 to $3 more for the call brand, upping sales. Making both parties happy, he enjoyed a better drink, the restauant or bar and the server generated more sales. The big trick was offering 2 quality options. Do not say well or Grey Goose.

Don’t Be This Guy in a Bar

Popped into my local watering hole the other day and there was a really annoying drunk guy hitting on the female bartender. It was bad. He was just throwing out ridiculous lines and boasting to her how great he was at everything.

But, what really impressed me was how she handled the situation. She didn’t get upset or ignore the guy. She kept him going long enough to entertain her regulars at the bar. Then once the whole thing got old she ended it quickly.

She summed it up pretty quick for the guy. I have a boyfriend, he is a pretty good man. He doesn’t get drunk and hit on random bartenders. Because bartenders get hit on all the time and they never take it seriously. You know how you have that guy on the office that you work with that you never hang out with? Nice guy but you have no intentions on getting together with him? He will say we should grab a beer one of these days and you nod and always have an excuse. That is bartender’s watercooler talk.

Best Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

What you consume when you are drinking can affect your hangover. I have seen drinking healthy alcoholic drinks lessens my hangover Some would say this is a myth, but science has shown that some drinks make you more susceptible to a hangover. Let’s look into what the sugar factor is that can cause this.

Beverages containing both alcohol and sugar are the leading cause of a bad hangover. Sugary beverages like sodas, sweet & sour mix, energy drinks, and sweetened liquors are the kind of drinks that amplify hangovers. The organ in the body responsible for metabolizing sugars is the liver, which is also the same organ that processes alcohol. This major workload can cause much stress on the liver, not to mention alcohol alone can negatively impact blood sugar levels.healthy alcoholic drinks

Bottom line, avoid sugary drinks when out if you want to avoid your hangover. Choose healthy alcoholic drinks such as premium vodka (Titos) and club soda with lemon and lime. The morning will thank you.